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Welcome to Rainbow Fish, made for the Mini Jam 108! The theme was Seaside with the limitation "Everything Must Die in One Hit".

In this game you float around as the Rainbow Fish, collecting smaller fish to create a swarm that can scare off even the scariest of predators! 

For this project I wanted to focus on having to create atmosphere and mood, as it is where my skill set is very lacking. With the Boid like fish, calm waters, and chill music I added a Zen mode for anyone who just wants to swim around and enjoy it. Was also a good excuse to work in UE5 :)

Was a lot of fun and looking forward to some more jams. Definitely wish I had time to implement the Octopus boss I was planning but management is a part of the jam!

Install instructions

Should simply be to unzip and run the main executable.


RainbowFish.zip 174 MB

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